Our story

Dare has a calling: to transform how companies see people and culture.

We do that by thinking about things differently. We challenge ourselves, and you and your people, to break from the norm. We’re ready to shake things up and take things to the next level. 

We dare to see things differently.

Dare - Transforming how companies see people and culture
Dare - transform success; company performance

Our philosophy

Our belief is that company culture is business-critical, not just an HR function, and can fundamentally change businesses and transform success.

In our world people and culture drives company performance, and getting all this in sync is the difference between a company that’s just here today, and one that really grabs tomorrow.

How DARE makes a difference

  • We understand companies, people and culture – the three lenses.
  • We know that to be happy and to give their best people need to feel fulfilled, both in their professional and personal lives,
  • We demand a lot from ourselves and in turn, from those we work with.
  • We look to share our intelligence and insight to help others grow and develop.
  • We believe in ‘what if’ and that nothing is impossible if you just Dare
  • We refuse to play safe, our passion comes from not being afraid to challenge traditions.
  • We’re constantly on a quest to learn, always searching out new questions to answer and new challenges

Our leadership team

Dare - Rita Trehan, Dare Worldwide

Rita Trehan


Rita is a renowned business transformation expert with over 20 years experience, and a self-confessed workaholic and ideas junkie – in fact she never stops trying to come up with new ways to do things better (just ask her husband). Although she cut her teeth in the realm of HR – a great foundation for a career spent rethinking how company culture could be harnessed – her ambition and imagination has driven her beyond such parameters to become the strategy guru, and often the energy, behind a host of successful CEOs worldwide. Rita is the author of “Unleashing Capacity” a book that explores HR transformation, she also frequently speaks on the subject at events and conferences. It says something that, even though she may be a little exhaustive to work with sometimes, Fortune 200 companies keep coming back for more.

Louisa Emslie


You could say Louisa Emslie has been passionate about organizational design her entire career. With almost two decades of extensive experience in progressive Human Resources roles, Emslie simply thrives when transforming companies through innovative human capital strategy.

A combination of big-picture thinking and laser-like attention to detail (we’re not kidding,) Emslie brings business plans to life through change leadership programs, state-of-the-art talent assessments, cutting-edge cultural transformation plans, and retention initiatives that work – all with a smile. She's collaborated on some of the biggest technological transformations in her home country of Australia, and now she's bringing that talent to Dare Worldwide.

Emslie is all business with heart; a woman with a warm demeanor who transforms companies with progressive organizational design that creates profitability. When she’s not engaging the world with innovative ideas, she enjoys strong coffee and quiet time with her husband and two adorable daughters.

Dare - Louisa Emslie, Dare Worldwide