“Not everyone reads well, not everyone resonates with videos, and not everyone learns well within a lecture hall or a classroom. Technology will help us support a more diverse learning community. And I think that's where educational institutes need to look towards.”

In the latest episode of Daring To, I discuss all things learning and development with Nelson Sivalingam, CEO and founder of intelligent learning platform HowNow.

In the episode, Nelson reveals how his tried and tested businesses, including a t-shirt printing and a film production company, lead him to create HowNow. Nelson also shares his top tips for choosing the right career path and discusses what HowNow is doing to help businesses during the Covid-19 pandemic.

“I meet a lot of founders and entrepreneurs, and I think the single defining trait for me is not how much they know or how much they didn't know about a particular sector that they now operate in, but it's their ability to be able to just absorb knowledge and to proactively put themselves in situations where they can learn and learn faster.”

In his Daring To statement Nelson shares how starting his own business and breaking away from the ‘norm’ was his ultimate ‘daring to’ moment:

“Daring-to moment, I guess, for anyone who's thinking about quitting their job and starting a business. Although I thought it wasn't much of a daring-to move, everyone around me definitely made me feel like I was taking a huge risk, and that it was probably a bad move to do, leaving behind a large corporate life and all the comforts that comes with it.

“I think one of the biggest addictions we all suffer from is that monthly paycheck. So, breaking away from that addiction was probably my daring-to moment.” – Nelson Sivalingam.

If you want to listen to Nelson's full business journey and discover his top tips for other entrepreneurs, listen to Episode 5, Series 3 of Daring To  here.